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Three Of The Hottest Outdoor Gear Trends For Summer 2020

You love the great outdoors, and you love staying on top of the most exciting outdoor trends that pop up each year when the weather gets warm. Whether you're looking for new camping tents or fun accessories for camping, there are plenty of new trends for 2020. Let's take a look at three of the popular new items for the camping season this year.

  • Rab's Mythic Ultra Sleeping Bag - This sleeping bag adds no weight, but provides 32% more warmth than other sleeping bags of its size. One version will keep you warm when the temperature outside hits 32 degrees, while another version will keep you warm all the way down to 18 degrees.

  • Primus Firestick Canister Stove - This tiny stove weighs just four ounces, and is the perfect way to carry a stove with you without adding bulk to your pack.

  • Hillsound BTR Camping Stool - This small stool weighs in at less than a pound, yet provides comfortable support. Packing enough stools for the whole family is a great way to keep everyone comfortable without adding a ton of weight.

Whether you're searching for new camping tents or just looking for fun camping accessories, Dog House Tents US has you covered. Check out our website or reach out to us today to chat about your camping gear needs. 

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