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Are Rooftop Tents Worth The Cost?

As an avid camper, you're always on the search for the latest tent accessories and new trends in camping. You may be thinking about a rooftop tent and wondering whether it's worth the hefty price tag. Let's take a look at the benefits of rooftop tents.

  • You'll be protected. When you're on the ground in a tent, you're susceptible to curious animals and insects that inhabit the ground. While you know you'll most likely be fine, it can be tough to fall asleep when you're wondering about every tiny sound you hear. With rooftop tents, you're lifted off of the ground, safe from the critters below.

  • Poor conditions? No problem. When you set up a tent on the ground, you need to consider whether the ground is wet or muddy. If the ground is less than suitable for setting up a tent, you may need to lay down a tarp, which can be only semi-effective, as well as time consuming to set up. With rooftop tents, you're able to set up your tent quickly and easily, no matter what the condition of the ground. You'll stay dry, even if the ground below you is muddy and wet.

  • Simple setup. Forget about stumbling with all the pieces of a ground tent - rooftop tents set up quickly and easily, allowing you to enjoy more of the great outdoors.

If you're looking for rooftop tents or tent accessories, reach out to us at Dog House Tents US. We're here to meet all of your summer camping needs.

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